Nature and Science Camps

WILD Jersey can bring nature-themed summer camp activities to your camp facility. Bring a naturalist to your YMCA, recreation program, or school this summer. Nature camps are most appropriate for children in grades 3-6.

Themed Nature Camps

Turn your day camp into a nature center for a week. Each themed nature camp includes hands-on activities, take home projects, and outdoor explorations at your site.

Conservation Camp
Campers will investigate resource and habitat conservation. Activities may include making recycled paper, building rain sticks, and planting a butterfly garden.

Wildlife Camp
Campers will study local wildlife. Activities may include building bird feeders or nest boxes, trapping insects for study, and planting tree seedlings.

Bug Camp
Campers will learn all about insects, spiders, and other arthropods. Activities will include caring for an invertebrate zoo, making pitfall traps and beat sheets, and using aerial nets and aspirators.

Lenape Camp
Campers will live like the Lenape. Activities may include making tannin ink, sculpting coil pots, and doing archaeology activities.

A boy using an insect aspirator at WILD Jersey's bug camp.

A boy using an insect aspirator at WILD Jersey's bug camp.