K-2 Classroom Programs

Classroom programs generally take place indoors, but just ask if you’d like to schedule an activity for an outdoor site. Contact WILD Jersey to schedule a classroom program at your school, library, camp, or scout meeting.

Touch Museums

Let the nature center come to you with a touch museum program. Children get to handle artifacts as we talk about nature.

Beach in a Box
Bring the beach to your classroom. Children will see and touch lots of marine artifacts, including shells, egg cases, seahorses, and more. We’ll learn about unique animals that make their home at the Jersey shore.

Forest in a Box
NJ’s forests are home to all kinds of trees, plants, insects, and animals. Children will see and touch forest artifacts, including seeds, galls, nests, and all kinds of tree parts. We’ll also learn about animals that make the forest their home, using animal photos and the “big tree.”

Children can learn about marine animals without leaving the classroom through WILD Jersey’s Beach in a Box program.

Hands-On Programs

Hands-on programs offer kids an activity to reinforce the lessons learned during our nature talk. Each child gets something to take home to remember the program.

Faux Fossils
Learn how fossils teach us about living things of long ago. Children will examine some real fossils, and then make their own fossil to keep.

Cook for the Birds
Mix your own blend of seeds and fruit to add to a tasty treat for wild birds. Not for children with peanut allergies.

Leaf Printing
Learn how and why leaves change color. A little finger paint and a lot of leaves are all it takes to make a colorful print to celebrate fall.

Mock Rocks
With toothbrushes and water, we’ll wear away “sandstone” to find hidden “gems.” Then we’ll try to identify our finds.