Field Trips

Field trips take place outdoors, either in your schoolyard or at a public park. Not sure where to go? WILD Jersey can recommend a park for your program.

Field Trips

Hire a naturalist to plan and lead a field trip for your group. Explore the park of your choosing with the guidance of an experienced outdoor educator.

Seining Trips
Use a seine net to see what lives in your local bay. Students pull a seine to catch fish, crabs, shellfish, snails, and other marine life. WILD Jersey provides waders so kids don’t have to get wet.

Take a guided walk at the Jersey shore. Learn about dunes, explore the wrack line, and collect shells and other marine artifacts.

Forest Hikes
Explore the forest trails with a naturalist in the lead. WILD Jersey provides students with discovery backpacks loaded with supplies for studying nature.

Seining Sandy Hook Bay

Schoolyard Safaris

No money for transportation? Bring a naturalist to your school to lead an outdoor exploration in the neighborhood.

Tree Treks
Take a closer look at the trees in your school neighborhood. Kids will learn the roles of leaves, roots, and bark, and find out how trees save energy, clean the air and water, and even make us healthier.

Neighborhood Naturalists
What is a naturalist? We’ll learn to use the tools and skills of a naturalist in the field – observing, recording, and sketching what we find.

Elementary students on a schoolyard safari