3-6 Classroom Programs

Classroom programs generally take place indoors, but just ask if you’d like to schedule an activity for an outdoor site. Contact WILD Jersey to schedule a classroom program at your school, library, camp, or scout meeting.

Hands-On Programs

Hands-on programs offer kids an activity to reinforce the lessons learned during our nature talk. Each child gets something to take home to remember the program.

Barn Owls and Bones
Learn about barn owls while dissecting an owl pellet, and see if you can identify what’s inside.

Recycle junk mail and make your own paper. Add seeds to the mix and you can plant your paper in spring!

Flower Power
Find out how flowers send messages to bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Make a flower press to take home.

Find a Fossil
Be a paleontologist for a day as we excavate real fossils from a mock rock. You’ll get to identify and label your fossil, then take it home to keep.

Build a Potato-Powered Light
Learn how batteries work, and then make a potato battery to power an LED light. Kids will take home a kit and the know how to make their own potato-powered light at home.

Seed Ball Making
Plant a garden you can throw! We’ll roll our own seed balls from clay and compost. Take them home and toss them to plant wildflowers for birds and butterflies.

Lenape Coil Pots
Learn about NJ’s native people, the Lenape tribe, and how they lived. Then we’ll make a traditional coil pot out of clay.

Ink from Acorns
Okay, not really acorns – we’ll use tannin-rich tea leaves instead. Learn why the Pine Barrens are the perfect place for making natural ink, and make a vial of ink to bring home.

Gyotaku Fish Printing
Learn the art of Japanese fish printing. We’ll start with a lesson in fish anatomy, and learn how a fish’s body can tell us about it’s behavior. Then make your own colorful fish prints to keep.

Grow Crystals
Design your own snowflake or other shape, then soak it in a special crystal growing solution.

Make a Rainstick
Construct and decorate a cool rhythm instrument that sounds like falling rain.

Birdseed Bells
Mix up a special recipe and form birdseed into molds to make a simple but nutritious bird feeder you can hang outdoors.

Balloon-Powered Cars
Assemble and decorate a miniature car powered by air. Then pump up your air tank and race your car against a friend’s.