Finally, a New WILD Jersey Website!

by Debbie Hadley on April 15, 2011

screenshot of former WILD Jersey website

Goodbye, old WILD Jersey website! Hello new, improved WILD Jersey website!

If you can read this, it means I’ve finally finished a project that’s been on my to do list for way too long. I’ve been itching to redesign my website for the past several years, but as they say, life kept getting in the way. I’m happy to cross this off my list, at last. I think you’ll find my new site easier to navigate, and a lot neater and tidier than the behemoth of a site I’ve used for the past six years.

If you were familiar with my old site, you’ll probably notice some different nature and science programs among the offerings here. If you’re a new visitor, please put your feet up, make yourself comfortable, and take a look around.

While my former website was rather static, this one will be much more dynamic with the addition of a blog integrated into the home page. I’ll share updates, ideas for activities you can do on your own, and a bit of natural history there. Please drop by regularly, and feel free to leave a comment now and then.

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